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We rely on innovation - and now we carry the BSFZ seal of certification.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany supports the TRUMPLER Group in its research and development activities (R&D) through BSFZ funding.

As a sustainable and responsible corporate group, TRUMPLER has always invested in research for the innovative use of natural resources. We continuously explore new raw materials and product formulations, finding ways to further improve the environmental compatibility of existing and new products.

This commitment has now been recognized by the Certification Office for Research Allowance (BSFZ) with the award of the R&D seal. This officially classifies TRUMPLER as a supported company in the field of innovation promotion.

"With our research activities, the TRUMPLER Group contributes to advancing the processing of leather at various stages, with a focus on maximizing environmental compatibility. This is also reflected in our ZDHC Level 3 certification for our corporate group. The award of the BSFZ seal now acknowledges this demanding, innovation-driven approach by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research," concludes Hein Vugs, Managing Director of TRUMPLER GmbH & Co. KG based in Worms.

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