Your Philosophy is our Inspiration

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

For over 150 years, we have been an established family business and firmly committed to creating a sustainable future for our customers, suppliers, employees and our environment.

For our products, we only use responsibly produced and procured raw materials of the highest quali­ty. Currently, the proportion of raw materials used by TRUMPLER that are obtained from renew­able sources or recycling processes is over 50%.

The entire TRUMPLER GROUP invests in research into the innovative use of natural raw materials. We can rely on a number of internal research institutions worldwide. We continuously investigate new raw materials and product formulations and find ways to further improve the environmental compatibility of existing and new products. Significant progress has also been made in quantifying natural raw materials in commercial leather chemicals and leather articles.

We are constantly working to expand the use of renewable energy, reduce energy consumption in product manufacturing and ensure the quality of our products through the use of safe and environ­mentally friendly substances – our pursuit of improvement never stops.

Rethinking product stewardship

As an ISO 9001-certified company, TRUMPLER ensures the responsible running of our production and business processes. Further standardization and safety measures such as REACH, ensure the sustainable manufacture of our products.

Through innovative products and optimized application processes, we offer our customers the opportunity to design their diverse articles in an efficient, and at the same time, sustainable way, so that the concept of sustainability can be maintained throughout the product supply chain.


Understanding quality

All our raw materials and products undergo hundreds of internal analysis proce­dures, which guarantees the high-quality products that Trumpler is renowned for. New products are only included in our portfolio when they have achieved the best results in every regulatory, experimental and application-related test phase, as well as in industrial large-scale tests.

In our production processes, we always ensure we achieve the maximum possible yield. Our mission is to maximize the efficient use of all our raw materials and produce as little waste as possible, for example by using by-products as starting materials for alternative technologies. Through combined production processes, the use of clean energy sources and integrated water treatment systems, we succeed in integrating the natural environment into our actions and making a significant contribution to its preservation and protection.