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ILM, Sep./Okt. 2020

A natural,
high-tech material.

WORLD LEATHER, April/May 2021

COD - What is
Chemical Oxygen Demand?


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Leathers fatliquored with TRUPON AGM, convince with outstanding softness, fluffiness and a smooth grain.

The product is especially designed for the production of furniture, auto upholstery and soft nappa leathers. TRUPON AGM is highly suitable for the manufacture of both, chrome and chrome-free leather.

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The product is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of fatliquor required to obtain the desired softness and fullness.

The selected functionalized ingredients will provide a light and fluffy handle with excellent softness and a warm and silky touch to the leather without the danger of migration.

TRUPOSILK SLS is outstandingly suitable for the production of all milling nappa type leathers, floaters and suedes.

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TRUPOSYL ESF is well compatible with waterproofing chemicals. This characteristic allows for the economic creation of leathers bearing tailored water resistances and surface touches and distinct water vapour permeabilities.

Leathers treated with TRUPOSYL ESF possess excellent dyeing properties making it ideally suited for the production of high quality full grain and nubuck leathers.

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